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25th June 2020

A second white paper has been made public. It reports on how traffic modelling hase been used to establish the viability, effectiveness, and traveller impact of FLAP. It can be downloaded here.

21st June 2020

Version 1.2 of the FLAP library and modelling tool has now been released. It includes modelling of seasonal traffic flows, additional clearance promise options and variations, chart generation and and database optimisations. More details are available here.

21st February 2020

Today we are announcing a NEW GOAL. We want to implement and run a FREE VOLUNTARY FLAP WEB SERVICE FOR GENERAL USE.

Whilst FLAP is conceived and would work best as a compulsory system we believe it can help users and businesses who are actively trying to reduce their air travel. A voluntary system needs to be easy to use, secure and cheap to run. We are confident these goals are achievable but need help, in particular more software developers willing to give up some of their spare time. If you are interested in taking part please join in the Google Group topic here.

14th February 2020

Version 1.1 of the FLAP library and modelling tool has now been released. It includes full implementation of clearance promises and multi-threading support for quicker modelling. More details are available here.

1st December 2019

The Flying Is a Privelege website has gone live. It features an accessible explanation of the FLAP concept, a summary of modelling results demonstrating feasability, and other resouces. You can access it here.

23rd November 2019

Version 1.0 of the FLAP library and modelling tool has been released. It includes implementation of the FLAP algorithm together with a modelling tool simulating global air travel to exercise it. More details are available here.

30th July 2019

A white paper explaining why a non-judgemental approach to air travel reduction is needed and how it can be implemented has been made public. Read it here.